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Acting & Musical Theatre

Legit Play 2019
FineLine Theatre Arts
Directed by Leland Williams

Saturday, August 24th
For more information please email leland@finelinetheatrearts.com

The Theme is PROM! 

Stroll down the lane that love paved as you and your sweetheart attend the high school senior prom. You’ll bask in the glory of your recent varsity victory and cheer as the king and queen of the prom are selected from among the guests. But beware! The night doesn’t go as planned . With these Teenage themes comes a fulfilling sense of beginning to understand, appreciate and enjoy these people and this time of life.


Art Walk 2019

Don’t miss our 2019 New Milford Art Walk performances!
Saturday, August 10th

For more information please call 860.210.1444 or email info@finelinetheatrearts.com

Vocal Performance

Tuesday, June 11th


FineLine Theatre Arts

Vocal Performance & AIM Cabaret

$5 at the door!