What is acro and how is it different from gymnastics? Acrobatics is an art form. It is not a sport and is not taught with Olympic competition in mind. Acro is fun; it builds strength, coordination, and self confidence. Acro, unlike gymnastics, is free and creative. We not only learn tricks on the floor but with each other on chairs, poles, tables, drums, up stairs, down stairs, and even with a sock.

Acro is taught by Scott Wise, a celebrated performer and dancer, well known for his acrobatic stunts on the Broadway stage and in music videos of the 80’s and 90’s.

Every level begins with conditioning exercises. This decreases injury and increases stamina. Because it is not a sport, the pressure to perform stunts beyond the student’s strength is removed. Students are taught as individuals: each student builds strength, flexibility, and coordination at their own pace, drastically decreasing the risk injury.

Although not required, a student will progress more rapidly in Acro with the addition of another type of movement class (ballet, jazz, theatre dance, or contemporary) because it builds additional strength and agility.

Ages 5 and up.

All leveling is subject to evaluation by the instructor.

Class Levels

Acro 1 (Ages 5 and up)

The basics. Skills include: Forward rolls, backward roll, hand stands, cartwheels, and beginnings to front and back flips. The foundation is laid for more difficult skills.

Acro 2 (Ages 6 and up)

Students increase technique, strength, and form. Double stunts partnering with other students are introduced. Skills include: Front diving rolls, front handsprings, hand walking, walk-overs, cartwheels with one hand, on chairs, on and over each other, introduction to back handspring and aerial tricks.

Acro 3 (Ages 12 and up)

New Skills include: Front, back, and side Aerials, hand walking, back and front hand-springs, and contortion stunts. Students begin practicing with out mats and preparing for executing tricks on regular surfaces.

Dress Code


Must wear a black leotard or their ballet level colored leotard and black capris or leggings. No shorts.


Must wear black sweat pants and a black tight-fitting shirt. All are bare-foot.  No street clothes.