Tap is excellent for the body and the mind. When a student puts on a pair of tap shoes, they become a dancer AND a musical instrument! Tap is a fun way to build strength, coordination, rhythm, musicality, and confidence. Students will be lead through different styles of tap with a variety of musical styles.  Tap is fun, athletic, and will help your student with all other forms of dance and sports.

Although not required, a student will progress more rapidly in tap with the addition of another type of movement class (ballet, jazz, theatre dance, or modern) because it builds additional strength and agility. Ages 5 and up.

Class Levels

Primary Tap: Ages 5-6

Young students make some noise! The tap foundation is built in this class with exploration of basic vocabulary and musicality.

Tap 1: Ages 7+

Students begin with the basic vocabulary of tap, how to listen to music, how to interpret what the music is telling them, and how to listen to each other.

Tap 2: Ages 10+

Students continue to work on the basics, technique, and increasing vocabulary. Movement starts to play a bigger picture in developing the craft. Looking towards a possible professional future of the dancer Scott prepares them for broadway style tap that incorporates theatre dance styles.

Tap 3/4: Ages 13+

Students continue to increase vocabulary, athleticism, difficulty of steps and movement, and will turn up the speed! Young women with the teacher’s approval will be encouraged to begin tapping in character heels in preparation for musical theatre tap. Tapping in heels requires a new skill set and is very important to students wishing to pursue a career as a Rockette or on Broadway. Be certain to add ballet, jazz, and theatre dance to your classes if these are your goals!

Dress Code

Girls & Boys

Students may wear a black leotard or their ballet level colored leotard, black close-fitting shirts, black jazz pants, black tank tops, black leggings, and black oxford-style tap shoes that lace.  No shorts.  No street clothes.