The modern program gives students a traditional modern dance foundation that segues into contemporary modern dance forms. The foundation touches on the styles and techniques of Doris Humphrey, Jose Limon, Martha Graham, Paul Taylor and Lester Horton as well as more contemporary styles such as Safety Release Technique from BJ Sullivan and improvisation.  Students will focus on contraction and release, fall and recovery, a sense of weight and gravity on the body, opposition, efficiency of movement, expansion and fulfillment of movement, moving from the core as well as distal initiation.  Students will also learn a basic knowledge of the history of modern dance as they weave through the different and diverse styles and techniques.   Ages 8 and up

Class Levels

Pre Modern

Ages 8-10—no previous experience required. For the creative spirit!  Improvisation and movement discovery as well as exploring basic concepts of modern dance technique.

Modern 1

Ages 11+ or Ballet Level 3 and up.  No previous experience required or ballet requirement. Starting with the beginning concepts of modern dance and improvisation.

Modern 2

Intermediate Modern—Ballet Level 4 or ages 13 and up. Ballet Requirement.

Modern 3

Advanced Modern—Ballet Level 5 and up. Ballet Requirement.

Dress Code

Girls & Boys

Students may wear leotards, close-fitting shirts, jazz pants, tank tops, leggings, and will be bare-foot. No shorts.