Acting & Musical Theatre

The Acting and Musical Theatre program gives interested students the opportunity to study the practical and theoretical elements of live theatre. The program integrates classwork and practical workshops with an active production schedule that includes two main-stage productions a year and a variety of student projects.

Emphasis on acting preparation through the study of various techniques in acting (Meisner and Stanislavsky, Bogart, Chekov method), voice and diction, and physical techniques are highlighted. Students will hone their powers of observations and attention to detail as well as their creative problem solving skills. Learning to form, organize and articulate ideas and listen to others in rehearsal and performance is the ultimate goal.

The Acting Department offers several 8 Week Class Series options throughout the year.

Check out our Spring 2022 series of ‘The Hobbit’ directed by Robin Frome on Youtube (click link).

Class Levels

10 Week Class Series Center Stage 1 (SPRING): Ages 8-12

Beginning Thursday, March 28th

Welcome to KFMR (FineLine Musical Radio). Students will be singing and performing songs from 1940’s and 50’s Musical showtunes from the likes of Singing in the Rain, Carousel and Oklahoma! in a Radio Broadcast setting. The show tunes will be interspersed with radio style comedy acts and commercials. Appropriate costumes, microphones and lighting will be instrumental in setting the scene.

Students will perform on Saturday, June 8th at 4pm at Fineline .

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8 Week Acting Class Series (SPRING): Ages 8-13

Spring 8 Week Acting Class Series With Robin Frome  

Ages 8-13

Beginning Tuesday, March 26th
$15 Registration Fee

A performance class culminating in a production of  The Sword in the Stone on Tuesday, May 21st at 7:30pm 

The Sword in the Stone is a shortened play version of the famous novel for young actors centered around King Arthur (or Wart as the younger version) and his adventures dealing with pulling the famous Excalibur from the stone.  Other characters include the wizard, Merlin, Guenevere, Arthur’s future wife and his half-brother, Kai. Other parts will include other knights, townsfolk and jesters.  Period costumes and music will be incorporated to create a final full-fledged production.

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6 Week Class Series (Spring): Teen Acting & Improv: Ages 13+

6 Week Acting & Improv Class Series with Robin Frome 

Ages 13+

Beginning Wednesday, April 3rd

The teen theater/improv class consists of the study of scenes and monologues appropriate to their age and assessed skill level. Each student will take on a part in a scene or monologue designed to be presented culminating performance at the end of each session. We approach each character for these pieces using the basic Stanislavski method no matter the genre. The basic questions involved explore “What does the character want, that character’s basic objective of the scene? What is he or she willing to do to get to that objective? And what are the risks involved?” We also delve into the dramaturgical aspects of the scenes or monologues. In the past, we have explored Shakespeare, Pinter, Miller, Wilder and offerings of theatrical versions of literature, including Anne of Green Gables and Little Women. All of these genres have specific historical and social circumstances, and we delve into their pertinence accordingly. (For example, we would discuss the specific attitudes each character would have in a Little Women scene that would affect their behavior concerning the American Civil War which is the key background to that plot.) We also include some voice, diction and physical exercises to maintain their ‘instruments’ and some practical tutelage in stage dialects and stage combat.

We balance each session with a series of improvisation games that strengthen the students’ stage presence, imagination and concentration necessary for their continuing success in their performance curriculum.

4 Week Adult Acting Series (Winter): Ages 17+

Adult 4 Week Acting Class Series with Robin Frome


Ages 17+

Beginning Tuesday, February 27th


*Registration fee, $10*
This class will explore various types of methods of acting for the older teen and adult from the amateur to the experienced. Students will work on scenes and monologues from all genres from Contemporary to Shakespeare to the Greeks. Method acting and Meisner will be broached with excercises in both disciplines in character development, voice and diction and scene and monologue analysis. Students can also use this as a workshopping lab of prepared audition pieces for use in future production auditions in schools, theaters or professional acting studios.

This workshop will culminate in a prepared scene or monologue.

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Dress Code

Acting and Musical Theatre

Comfortable but appropriate clothing, nothing that will distract from work at hand, ie: pulling clothing up or down, unable to move fully.

FineLine Theatre Arts: Summer Fundraiser Event--As You Like It, Directed by Robin Frome