Tuition Policy & Scholarships


Tuition Policy

Tuition can be paid in full by cash, check, credit card or bank account routing. Families paying in full on or before August 1st will receive a 3% tuition reduction if paying by cash, check or bank routing.  Students may not begin classes until they are registered and tuition is paid. All fees are non refundable. We offer a courtesy payment plan option.  Instructions for enrolling are in Ways to Pay! A Tuition Rate Schedule can be found below.

Trial Classes

For new students $20.00/1 hour class, $25.00/1.5-2 hr class.

Fees Invoiced Separately

Ballet dancers in Levels 3B and up have a longer dance year.  In order to accomodate this, we have added this into your total tuition. (Level 3B/$150, all other levels/$200)

Nutcracker – Primary Level $100, Level 1 and up $150 due on October 15th

Spring DanceFest – fee is determined by number of pieces due on January 15th

Acting/Musical Theatre Winter and Spring Performances – $125 due October 15th

Legit Play – $225 due September 1st

Vocal Accompanist Fee – will be evenly distributed among the students.

Registration Fee

There is a $55 registration fee for the first child and $15 for each additional sibling. After September 1st, the Registration Fee will be $75 and $35.  A student is not registered in a class until payment is received.  A spot in a class is not guaranteed until payment is received.


We extend a three week grace period in which a parent may withdraw their child from a class and receive a tuition refund (less the reg. fee). Written notification of intent to withdraw is required. After the three week grace period, written notification of withdrawal is required and payment is required through the month in which written notification of withdrawal was received. We will not refund tuition already paid. If a student returns to the class later in the year, the tuition rate for that class will be the drop-in class rate or $20/hour whichever is higher. All other class tuition will remain at the discounted yearly rate.



Are not given for absences. Tuition and all fees are not refundable. Refunds are not given for student absences or snow days. Tuition will be pro-rated if a student will be out for more than two weeks due to injury or illness, with a doctor’s note. Otherwise, we encourage students to make up any classes they may miss in a comparable class.

If a class is cancelled due to teacher illness, we will offer a make up class at some point during the school year.

Late Payment Policy & Fees

If payment is beyond 30 days in arrears, the student WILL NOT be allowed in class until payment is received.

Any past due invoices will be charged a late fee of $20 for each month past due or 18% annual compounded interest, whichever is greater. We do not want to charge late fees, nor do we want to keep students from attending classes, so please get your payments in by the due date or enroll in our automatic debit plan. It is our policy to apply payments to the oldest outstanding invoice.

Important Information
  • Unless indicated, enrollment is for the academic year.
  • Ballet level 3B and up have an extended year.
  • Scheduled classes are subject to change based on enrollment.
  • Injury report forms must be filled out for all injuries reported during class.
Ways to Pay
  1. Pay in full by August 1st and receive a 3% discount if paying by cash, check or bank routing.
  2. Payment Plan Option. Enroll in our payment plan option and divide your total tuition into 10 payments (for early registration – payments due August 1st through May1st) or 9 payments (September 1st through May 1st).  You may pay by cash, check, bank routing or by credit card through the online invoice. If you enroll for this Payment Plan Option you must sign an agreement and authorize a credit card for our file.  If you are late in a payment your card will be charged. If you are late on two payments you will automatically enrolled in our Automatic Debit Program.
  3. Payment Plan Option with Automatic Debit.  Same rules as the Payment Plan Option, however we do all the work for you!  Just fill out an authorization form and we will monthly charge your card. Please note that a new form must be filled out every enrollment year.

Tuition cost per student can be found on our registration form and on the Tuition Schedule below. Tuition discount increases with number of hours of classes.

There is a $20 returned check or declined transaction fee. Families are responsible to update us if a card is expired or changed for security purposes. If we are not informed prior to the payment processed, a $20 declined transaction fee will be assessed. We reserve the right to process a declined transaction plus the transaction fee without advance notification.

Tuition Schedule

Hours    $/Hour  $/Installments for 9 Installments

1            20         71..11

1.5        20         106.67

2            20        142.22

2.5        19.5      173.33

3            19         202.66

3.5        18.5       230.22

4           18.25     259.55

4.5        18          288

5           17.75      315.55

5.5        17.5        342.22

6            17.25     368

6.5         17          392.88

7            16.75     416.88

7.5        16.5        440

8            16.25      462.22

8.5        16            483

9            15.75      504

9.5        15.5         523.55

10         15.5         551.11

10.5      15.25       569.33

11         15            586.66

11.5      14.75       603.11

12         14.5         618.66

12.5      14.5         644.44

13         14.25       658.66

13.5      14            672

14         13.75       684.44

14.5      13.75      708.88

15         13.5         720

15.5      13.5         744

16         13.25       753.78

16.5      13.25       777.34

17         13            785.78

17.5      13            808.89

18         12.75       816


Scholarships and Financial Aid

FineLine Theatre Arts wants to share the joy of the performing arts with students from our entire region. Scholarship applications are due on July 15th for the following academic year. Applications (see below) received after the deadline will be considered last or not at all as funding may have already been allocated for the year. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Awards are only applicable to the school year for which they are intended (September – May) and any required service hours and program ad sales must be completed by the end of each academic year.

Please note, that all scholarship and financial aid students are required to sell ads for our show programs and participate in work study. The balance of any ads not sold are the responsibility of the scholarship student’s family. Scholarships do not include performance fees. 

The Arlene Papish Begelman Merit Scholarship Award

This award is available to level 4 and higher students who demonstrate exceptional deportment, focus and aptitude in classes. A limited number of these partial scholarship awards are available to those who meet specific qualifications.

To qualify, the student must have been enrolled for the entire previous year or attended a summer dance intensive program. The student must be enrolled in a minimum of three ballet classes per week. The student is expected to participate in various School activities, functions and performances throughout the year. Merit award students are considered the outstanding representatives and ambassadors of the FineLine Theatre Arts School.

The Scott Wise Dramatic Arts Merit Scholarship

A limited number of these partial merit scholarships are available. To qualify, the student must have been enrolled for the previous academic year. Recipients of the scholarship must be enrolled in a minimum of two drama classes and at least one movement class per week. The student is expected to participate in various school activities, functions and performances throughout the year. Merit award students are considered the outstanding representatives and ambassadors of FineLine Theatre Arts.

Please fill out form below to apply for our scholarships. The scholarship application must be submitted by July 15, 2018.

Scholarship families are required to sell ads for our Nutcracker and Spring Dancefest programs. Please fill out the form below for all 2018/19 Ad Sales.

MVP SOS is a New Milford organization that is dedicated to helping those that do not have the wherewithal to participate in after-school activities, sports or classes. Their mission is to provide funding to New Milford children who have financial need.

We require that any student seeking a scholarship at FineLine who is a New Milford resident first apply for a scholarship through MVP SOS.